The Great Spreadsheet Challenge

Show me your spreadsheet and I will show you

how to use new technology to save time or money

If I can't, I will donation $100 to Women's Refuge

What's included

  • Review your spreadsheet

  • Show you a better option

  • Save you time and money

  • Free service

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Every business I work with has a pile of spreadsheets. Sheets for jobs, hr, budgets, scheduling.

Most of the time there is a much better solution that improves efficiency. This means more time and money for the business.

Here is how it works

  • Upload your Sheet
  • Tell us how you use Your Sheet
  • Tell us what is frustrating about it
  • Once a week we will choose one Sheet
  • We will review the Sheet
  • Recommend an Alternative


Manual data entry is slow and problematic.

Spreadsheets require employees to copy and paste or rekey data into the system. ...

Inability to share data. ...

Lack of real-time or historical data. ...

Difficulties in reporting and analysis. ...

Security issues.

Meet Rupert Gough

CEO at The Mortgage Lab

I’ve worked with Andy Carruthers for several years now. Highly recommend him for making business systems efficient without making it complex.

Imagine if one change can turn a 40 hour work week into a 20 hour work week.

What more could you achieve in your business with that extra time? Or in your personal life?

If you’re a business owner, I’d suggest using this.

See What Other Clients Are Saying

Thanks for the support you and your team have provided to my team. You have helped us transition to an online system. It has certainly made the process more streamlined and has allowed us to have better oversight.

I would highly recommend getting in touch if you are also looking at systems to work more efficiently.


Andy, thanks for all your help on our latest project. I liked the way you made everything easy to understand and then just implemented what we needed. I look forward to working with you on our next project.

Cheers Scott

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